A new studio for Make

  • Transforming a car park into Make’s new studio 
  • Bringing natural light into an underground space
  • A high-spec, sustainable setup with an industrial feel

We are delighted to welcome Make to its new studio, which offers an inspiring and dynamic model for a creative workspace.

Paul Williams
Director, Derwent London

Project Details

Location London, UK
Status Built 2015
Sectors Office, Interiors,
Area 1,500m²/16,100ft²
Client Derwent London

We’ve turned what was once a National Car Park in the basement of a central London Art Deco building into a bespoke high-spec office – our new office, in fact.

One of our top priorities was flooding the subterranean space with natural light. First, we turned the vehicle ramp into a series of stepped platforms covered by a translucent ETFE canopy – this has become a bright, welcoming space used for meetings and presentations and as a gallery showcasing our latest models. We also turned the rear lightwell into a small sunken garden and installed a large glass rooflight, both of which let in a substantial amount of daylight.

Another priority was retaining the building’s existing features for a sustainable build, from the exposed pipes and time-worn concrete columns to the multi-pane windows and yellow paintwork details. We were keen to uphold our democratic working style, so we designed an open-plan layout, with no hierarchical desk arrangements or private offices. Our project hubs – circles of high desks clamped onto the industrial columns – embody both these aspirations.

This new studio accommodates more than 170 of us. Its bespoke, innovative, open-plan design celebrates who we are and what we’re here to do: to design the best buildings, places and spaces in the world.