Equity, Diversity and Inclusion


Great architecture demands diversity – of background, education, ideas and experience. It must also be part of building a more equitable and inclusive world. Make has always had a robust equal opportunities policy and a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination, but we recognise the need to do more.

In 2020 we formed an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion group to explore how else we can inspire and enable people from all backgrounds to pursue a career in architecture. We’ve partnered with EDI consultants Built By Us and learning specialists Dramatic Training Solutions to help us discover how Make can strengthen its own practices around inclusion, outreach, recruitment, development and retention.


Make has a long history of supporting work experience and mentoring schemes, such as the Blueprint for All (formerly the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust), RIBA Architecture Ambassadors, Inspiring the Future and Built By Us FLUID programmes, as well as the Construction Youth Trust ‘Budding Brunels’ work experience scheme. To expand and formalise these partnerships – and to pursue new opportunities – we now have a dedicated outreach team, Aspire.

In 2020 we joined the ‘BeMore Inclusive’ programme – led by Blueprint for All and recruiter Urban –and work with them on recruitment at all levels, from Part 1s to qualified architects. We also work closely with the RIBA Architects for Change group, where Make director Katy Ghahremani is a member.

Lasting change takes time, of course. But it is our hope that honest self-assessment, openness to new ideas, and a belief in doing what’s right will help Make reshape the future of the profession for the better of all.

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