Vault of Contemporary Art

The Vault of Contemporary Art (VCA) is a new virtual gallery that celebrates place, process and possibility.

The platform offers a complementary, even parallel, experience to viewing art in person that allows people to enjoy free exhibitions from anywhere in the world, at any time.

Transmitting a sense of place is central to the VCA’s design. The digital design is informed by architectural and curatorial sensibility, with familiar touch points like materials, scale, views, light and shadow that ground visitors in their new reality. Easy, autonomous navigation is also a priority.


The beauty of the virtual is its abundant flexibility. The VCA could be set in South Kensington, a tropical savanna or undersea. It could offer 50 hours of film footage embedded in each artwork, or make monumental sculptures float in the air. The need for virtual cultural spaces, for people from all walks of life, is clear. As well as catering to art lovers, the VCA plays an important role in democratising the art world for people who may not otherwise have access to museums.


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