What we stand for


B Corp

Make became a B Corp in 2023. From day 1, we were set up to challenge business as usual, and we’ve remained true to that ethos throughout our 20 years. This certification helps us remain accountable in our design performance, sustainability practices and company footprint, both in social and environmental terms.

Transparency is an integral part of our culture as an employee-owned practice, and we see this reflected in the principles of B Corp. Going forward, we intend to continue leading by example, upholding the highest standards as individual designers and as a global company, helping our industry rise to the challenge of the climate crisis and find creative solutions to complex problems.

We achieved a score of 133.8, making us the one of the top scoring architecture practices in the UK, with our highest scores in the Governance and Workers categories. See a full breakdown of our score here.


Reconciliation Action Plan

We recognise that we need to do more to create change and use our voice for positive influence and awareness. As a company with a presence in Australia, we acknowledge the Traditional Custodians and owners of the land wherever we work. We also recognise the privilege we have, as individuals, to be gathered and inhabit these lands, and as architects, to contribute to the built environment by protecting, respecting and caring for Country.

Our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) is just one part of our commitment to increasing diversity and inclusion in the Australian marketplace. Structured around three key pillars – knowledge and awareness, consciousness and acknowledgement, and understanding and outreach – our RAP helps us set achievable goals and take meaningful action in the spirit of reconciliation.

Maker Michelle Evans interviewing Aboriginal Elder Aunty Margret Campbell

Fair Tax

We’ve compiled a statement of Fair Tax compliance in partnership with the Fair Tax Foundation (FTF) to certify that we meet the standards and requirements of the FTF’s Global Multinational Business Standard for the Fair Tax Mark certification for the year ending 31 December 2021. You can read our full statement and policy here.


Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

View our Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy here.



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