Project date: 2009
Client: Confidential
Status: Planning approved
Area: 920m²/9,900ft²
Location: Bolton, UK
Sectors: Interiors, Residential

Planning consent has been granted for what will be the first zero-carbon property in the North West of England. Billed as ‘a house of the future’, the unique scheme tests the boundaries of current sustainable thinking in terms of design and construction.

The client has been heavily involved in the design process from the outset and is passionate about preserving the natural beauty of this area. The four-bedroom, single-storey family home is deliberately embedded into the contours of the Pennine hillside to minimise the impact on the surrounding moorland. The roof is covered in flora and meadow grasses which flow seamlessly over the property and into the landscape.

The eco-house will generate its’ own on-site renewable energy through a ground source heat pump, photovoltaic panels and a wind turbine, and will consume less energy than it generates. The positioning and orientation of the property were carefully considered and it will be built using locally sourced building materials and traditional construction methods.

The proposed scheme has already been identified as an exemplar project within the Government’s ‘Planning Performance Agreements for Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Schemes’ programme.