Make hosts first YADA Talk

Date 08.10.2018
Location London, UK

On Friday evening, Make hosted 70 guests for the inaugural YADA Talks event, organised by the Young Architects & Developers Alliance. Together with developer client Great Portland Estates, we presented our recent mixed use, central London scheme, Rathbone Square. Makers Graham Longman, Ryan Safa and Michael Bailey paired up with Helen Hare, Matthew Turner and David Ellis of GPE to discuss the various ways we, as architect and developer, collaborated over the six years the project took to complete.


The YADA Talks series aims to “create a community where attendees can share their project stories, engage with ideas and each other, challenge the status quo, and celebrate architects’ and developers’ positive relationships, leading to motivated project teams and great architecture.” The initiative complements YADA’s existing networking events.

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