Three Cities – a new film by Make Architects

With the last couple of years being such a whirlwind for us all, we decided to show a snapshot of our recent work through our first-ever Make film.

We invited acclaimed filmmaker Tapio Snellman to go behind the scenes and give a glimpse of Make’s three studios, the cities we call home, and how we work collaboratively and internationally from London, Hong Kong and Sydney.

Tapio’s documentary-style footage celebrates the places we create with a quick tour through some of our projects under construction and completed during the extraordinary years of 2020 and 2021.

Tapio Snellman said: “‘Three Cities’ explores the way in which Make’s architecture is present in the urban realm, and focuses on the homes of its three studios in London, Hong Kong and Sydney. Make’s projects are strongly embedded in their local cultures and the day-to-day life of their specific geographies. It was interesting to see the different textures of urban density and how these are reflected in the film.”


Sarah Worth of Make Architects said: “We are so proud of this film, which shows some of what our team achieved during such a unique time. Tapio’s style of filmmaking complements Make’s architecture perfectly – an honest yet beautiful reflection of how our architecture stitches into the cities we work in.”


Owing to various lockdowns and changing restrictions, Tapio coordinated videographers from Melbourne, Sydney, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Make would like to thank: Tapio Snellman, Laura Iloniemi, Alex Chomicz, Andrew Marsh, Peter Bennetts, Seth Powers, Dawn Cheng and Virgile Bertrand.

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