Practice of the Year

Make was crowned Practice of the Year at last night’s AJ100 Awards dinner. Considered the most coveted of all the AJ100 prizes, the award recognises the practice with the highest rates of employee satisfaction, business growth, design quality and fees per architect. The final decision was then made based on a presentation that we delivered to the judging panel.


Architects’ Journal said: “The judges sought evidence that the practice’s last year had not just been good, but brilliant.

“Financial performance has brought it back to pre-recession levels with a 28 per cent rise in UK fee income. Repeat clients abound, and the range of the projects won, in terms of their geography, typology and scale, is impressive. Excellent employment practices continue at last year’s Employer of the Year, which was listed in The Sunday Times as one of the best companies to work at for the third consecutive year. In this year’s survey, dozens of employees said no other practice could give them the same responsibility, pay or quality of design as Make, which celebrated 10 years in business last month. With 34 commissions won and 15 planning permissions achieved, this was Make’s most successful year.”

Photography copyright Tom Howard

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