Employee Ownership Day 2019

We’re celebrating Employee Ownership Day today! Being employee-owned is a huge part of who we are at Make. We were set up to be a different kind of practice and to work in a different way, and our journey has not been conventional.

We operate a One Make philosophy that transcends location, sector and ego – something that we’re particularly proud of in 2019, as we turn 5 in Australia, 10 in China and 15 in the UK.

Being employee-owned ensures our brand is cohesive, our passion and processes are unified, and clients get the same rigorous commitment and service from an empowered and talented design team, no matter where they are in the world.

Make is the sum of its projects and all of its employees. That is why we are 100% employee-owned. We put our people at the very core of everything, to have incredibly talented people in all disciplines involved in the direction of the business, leading our projects and being rewarded.

To have come so far – from a desk in a corner of Arup’s offices back in 2004 to delivering 84 buildings across the world – is no small feat and indicative of the brilliant team we have here at Make.

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