A new era for The MixC, Shenzhen

The first phase in our refurbishment for the iconic MixC shopping centre in Shenzhen is complete, with doors now open to the revitalised North Arcade, drawing people in and through the centre from the busy Shannan East Road and Grand Theatre beyond.


It’s the first in a series of refurbishment projects by Make Architects that will update the premier shopping destination with striking new galleries and more. This project marks the start of a new era for MixC, home to more than 260 shops and 500 brands, enhancing customer expectations and reinforcing its status as one of the only complexes in the city to host top-tier luxury brands.

Inspired by the city’s history as a trade capital, and the site’s location near the Pearl River Delta, our refurbishments echo the surrounding waterways and celebrate water as a driving theme. Our design approach follows the Chinese axiom ‘Where water flows, a canal will form’ – when the conditions are right, success will follow. Different forms of water – streams, cascades and currents – define each zone and are reflected in its textures and materials, while the overarching theme ensures these areas flow seamlessly into one another.


For the North Arcade, we’ve harnessed the motif of a flowing stream to create a sense of direction and movement in the space, drawing shoppers through from the newly expanded triple-height entrance, up the escalators and into the mall. Suspended in the entry is a water droplet-inspired pendant artwork by German abstract artist Anselm Reyle. The artwork anchors the entrance and acts as a visual marker from the opposite end of the North Arcade, helping visitors navigate the upper levels of the shopping mall.

Reflecting a subtle and calm aesthetic, details include fluted stone on the escalator pillars and wall panels, and contemporary herringbone ‘Star White’ stone floors featuring an understated directional pattern. A key design feature is the fluted glass-reinforced gypsum ceiling. Parametrically designed to achieve an elegant outcome, and constructed in modules, the ceiling features a flowing pattern that subtly encourages intuitive movement through the space.


Beyond the North Arcade, we’re reconfiguring the MixC interiors across several key areas. The Boutique Gallery will host a collection of exclusive luxury brands to the east, while the Arcade Gallery will have hotel-inspired arcades that celebrate each tenant’s identity, and the Lower Gallery will be a contemporary beauty destination with open retail spaces. Each of these areas will have its own distinct atmosphere, with subtle changes in materiality and scale. However, in keeping with MixC’s business strategy, our considered approach to detailing and finishes will unite the mall, with our water theme facilitating wayfinding and creating smooth transitions between spaces.

Griffen Lim, designer at Make, said: “Our new interiors facilitate a luxurious shopping experience. The design celebrates the prestige of this landmark retail centre and strengthens its historic identity with an unforgettable customer journey.”

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