The People’s Pavilion

Make has joined forces with Beyond the Box Consultants, Here East and The Royal Institute of British Architects to launch The People’s Pavilion – London’s first community space designed entirely by young people.

The People’s Pavilion is a competition that seeks to flip the script on who gets a say in the design of public space. It invites young people to work in partnership with professionals from the design, construction and creative arts industries, to design and build their own pavilion on the Here East site.

Make partner, David Patterson, worked with Beyond the Box Consultants to create an architectural design brief for the competition. Young people are invited to design a temporary pavilion that responds to the brief. This will include requirements to think about sustainable materials, size restrictions, materials and light and shade. It will explore ideas of social responsibility, community and designing for experience and wellbeing. He said: “At a time when we are trying to encourage more diversity within architecture, it’s great that we have a platform where young people can get involved in shaping spaces round them, to be both practical and inspiring too.”

During the course of the competition, these young East Londoners will gain access to skill workshops in design, architecture, engineering, cultural programming, communication training, team building and much more. It will expose them to new career pathways and networks that will support them as they shape their future careers.

A team from Make will be on hand during the second round of workshops collaborating with and advising one of the shortlisted teams in developing their concept into a buildable design.

Ken Shuttleworth, founder of Make, says: “I’m so pleased that Make is involved in this socially-minded project. Architecture needs more of these initiatives, that broaden engagement, but have real, tangible and useful results. I am excited to see what is produced.”

Once the pavilion is built, it will host a festival programme of cultural events and activities that has been curated by a team of young people from within the East London community.

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