RIBA National Award for Teaching and Learning Building

Make is celebrating today as our Teaching and Learning Building for the University of Nottingham has been awarded a 2019 RIBA National Award.

David Patterson, Lead Architect said: “The RIBA Awards celebrate the best buildings built in the UK, and we are thrilled that the Teaching and Learning Building has been recognised with a national award, having already been given a regional and a sustainability award.”

The RIBA National Awards is an annual prize with projects selected from the winners of the 10 RIBA regional awards. 53 projects were selected for national awards this year.

The judges said: “The [Teaching and Learning Building] is set out on a rigorous one metre grid. A white terracotta tile rain screen, whose depth of reflection and subtle colouration continually changes as light falls on each elevation, defines the upper façade of the blocks. Below a datum line, that is set out from the neighbouring library, the plinth is detailed in finished masonry. These materials have been chosen carefully and the building should age gracefully because of it.


“The building diagram is seen through with total rigour by utilising this grid and many nice details, such as the wind post locations and the setting out of the flooring and external paving, are picked up within this self-enforced rhythm.

“Upon entering the building, diagrams of the teaching blocks can be easily read, connected by generous circulation that is being inhabited by students as they see fit.”


The Teaching and Learning Building is our sixth building for the University and our first on their City Campus. We have also completed The Barn, awarded an RIBA East Midlands Award in 2015, and Gateway Building on the Sutton Bonington Campus and three landmark buildings on their Jubilee Campus.

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