Make studios – carbon footprint

In 2021, Make produced 199 tonnes of carbon. This footprint comprises emissions associated with the operation of our three studios, not the carbon emitted by the buildings we design. It can be broken down into three scopes, as defined by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. For 2021, these amounted to:

  • Scope 1: 69.31 tonnes
  • Scope 2: 36.18 tonnes
  • Scope 3: 93.19 tonnes

Scope 1 includes direct emissions from machinery we own, like our air conditioning units and gas boilers, while scope 2 covers emissions associated with the power we buy. Both our London and Sydney studios operate on REGO-backed, 100% renewable energy supplies, making this latter figure lower than you might expect.

Scope 3 refers to all other practice emissions, including those produced by employee commutes and business travel; transmission of the power we buy; home and remote working; water we use and dispose of; our zero-to-landfill waste and recycling policies; and day-to-day studio resources, like the paper in our printers. We’ve calculated our practice’s footprint under scope 3 using technical guidance from the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Because some of these activities are difficult to calculate, we’ve added an extra 10% on top to ensure we’ve accounted for everything.

Along with taking steps to minimise our emissions, we’ve teamed up with Trees for Cities to offset our entire footprint, plus 10%. This UK charity boosts environmental and social sustainability in cities around the world by planting tree species that capture carbon, enhance biodiversity and increase climate resilience.

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